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Thank you in advance for taking a look at my artwork. :)




Welcome to my DeviantART account! :wave:


Visit this link for details:…

Feel free to have a look in my gallery!
I have anything from cute lil' chibis to tits! Yay for that :dummy:

:bulletgreen: My goal in making artwork is to keep practising and improving myself and get more experienced with time. I hope as well to inspire and motivate others in their art process and hopefully spread some smiles ^^

:bulletgreen: I'm very grateful for the people commenting and faving my artwork and for my watchers as well. I appreciate it very much.
I would like to thank all of you!
You guys' support motivates me a lot, and I appreciate every one of you <3 ;)
And though I may not respond to all comments I get then I still read each one of them, and the positive feedback I get warms my tiny little heart ;3
Thank you so very much, guys! :glomp: ;D

And thank you most kindly for reading :aww:


:bulletred: I don't do requests or role play, and I rarely do art trades; so please do not ask me for them

:bulletblue: If there is anything you want to know then please feel free to ask ahead.


:bulletred: !!!!! ART THEFT !!!!

:( RECOLORED/STOLEN pictures of mine:

*… - Blaze the Cat in School Uniform
*… - Blaze the Cat in School Uniform
*… - Blaze the Cat in School Uniform
*… - Knuckles the were echidna

Thank you very much for reading this.


:bulletblue: My professional blog
:bulletblue: My personal blog
:bulletblue: My vimeo account
:bulletblue:… My YouTube channel

Have a nice day! :aww:


:bulletgreen: :iconila-mae: contacted :iconbuttonsmaker: to make a fan button for Jack:

Thank you so much! It was a great surprise, I really love it :heart: :huggle:


Edit: Comic commissions are available, scroll down for more details.


Prices are for canvas about size 2500x3500 pixels (approximately A4 size) and 1 character.
Prices may vary if very detailed.

Commission examples:…

Sketch (Hand drawn)

Bust: $15 +$5 pr extra character

Torso: $25 +$10 pr extra character

Full body: $30 +$15 pr extra character

Lineart (Digital)

Bust: $30 +$10 pr extra character

Torso: $40 +$15 pr extra character

Full Body: $50 +$20 pr extra character

Color (Digital)

Bust: $40 +$20 pr extra character
Torso: $50 +$25 pr extra character
Full Body: $65 +$30 pr extra character

Cel Shaded
Bust: $45 +$20 pr extra character
Torso: $60 +$25 pr extra character
Full Body: $80 +$30 pr extra character

Normal Shading
Bust: $55 +$25 pr extra character
Torso: $75 +$40 pr extra character
Full Body: $110 +$50 pr extra character

If you want a background

Sketch: +$40
Line Art: +$45
Flat: +$60
Cel shaded: +$65
Normal Shading +$70

I may refuse too advanced backgrounds or vary the price as I am a character artist mainly


Prices are for line art comics.

There is a standard price for one panel containing 1 character: $40
Least amount of panels in a comic will be 2, so automatically the starting price is: $80
Add $20 per extra character

I have lowered the prices as a generous offer to those who wants to buy a sequence of drawings from me.

:bulletgreen: It doesn’t matter for the price whether it’s bust, torso or full body shots that appear in the comic
:bulletgreen: Comics with backgrounds and/or colors are currently not for sale

Please read these conditions before commissioning me

I only accept payment through paypal

You can ask me for my Email in a note if you want to commission me (If you already know my Email then please wait paying before I have contacted you, I have got a new account)

I will start your commission once you have paid me

:bulletred: I’ll make sure that you are happy with the sketch before I proceed with inking and coloring

If it is necessary I expect you to provide reference material, and you are free to come up with ideas for the drawing or background story I could work from

Unless it is an easy fix I do not do edits in the finished piece

I may feel free to say no to a commission without explanation

What for instance would make me say no:

1. I don’t draw porn

2. Other requests that I find inappropriate

3. I usually don’t include my original characters in commissions, but feel free to ask

I don't have any deadlines. I will take the time it takes for me to finish the commission. How long it will take depends on various things. For instance:

- If your commission is further behind in line

- If I have a lot of work on the side

- If commissions are ordered outside this website as well

- If other “real life” matters occure

I prioritize these things so you might want to prepare yourself to be quite patient if any of those occure.

If something out of the ordinary should occure and I can’t finish your drawing, I will pay you your money back.

However, if I have already started on your commission I might only charge you back some of the money: For instance, if you have payed for a cel shaded drawing but I only reached the sketch stage, I will keep the amount of money I have earned for the sketch stage and pay you back the rest.

The commissions are for personal use only

If you want the original hand drawn sketch I can mail it (But you pay the porto)

If you want to discuss prices or have questions, feel free to contact me via note

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